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Getting Dirty (at the Dirtshop) Pt. I


Don't let the Miami traffic or daunting heat get in the way of discovering The Dirtshop, a dirtbike/lifestyle retail space hidden in the heart of Miami.

 Sandwiched between Hialeah, a largely Hispanic neighborhood and Brownsville & Allapattah, a predominantly African/Caribbean American neighborhood, you'll get a glimpse of two contrasting cultures with food, music, and shenanigans to boot.

  Beyond the seemingly minimal and modest storefront lies a welcoming space ensconced in the familiar smell of vintage engines and panoramic views of contemporary lifestyle gear, racing kits and the ever present dirtbikes.

That is, if you can make it past the security of outlaw moto dogs...


Dirtshop Owner Camillo taking a wild ride on his girlfriend's

vintage Honda 1978 CB in her absence.



As of February 4th, these two beauties are for sale.

On the left we have a brat style 1978 Yamaha XS with a grey two tone tank, high pipes and light tan seat.

Red 1981 Yamaha cafe XV 920 on the right, with a completely redone subframe to accommodate the more aggressive stance. both have a scrambler style headlight grill.

Please don't hesitate to contact us or Camilo on IG for more info if you're interested in purchasing!



Founded in 2015, The Dirtshop offers a variety of parts and gear for your water, moto, or bike needs.

If you can't make it to the retail space or need a specific part, check out the shop online at and check out their Instagram page @thedirtshop


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