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Brother Moto - Brewing, Building and Getting Burly In The ATL


If you’re from the South and haven’t heard of the collective known as Brother Moto, then you must’ve been sleeping in a swamp for the past 4 years. Well it’s time to drop the marsh gear and catch up on what’s been going on in East Atlanta.



Created by Jared Erickson and Bobby Russell in 2013, Brother Moto creates a warm and inviting space for both moto-lovers and strangers to the bike world alike.

Based on brotherhood, wrenching, customizing, and coffee, the shop is part co-operative garage space, part coffee shop, and part store.



Upon entering the shop, you are met with the cool concrete interior, the scent of coffee drifting through the air, and different seating areas that provide a cozy nook for visitors of all kinds.

The garage and shop both boast clean lines and minimal decor with elements of vintage bikes and the rich history of the racing world. The garage space gives visitors the opportunity to try their hand at wrenching, work on a project, and hang out. They provide a monthly membership for access to the space and tools.

A range of merchandise is thoughtfully scattered throughout the shelves and tables

They carry a variety of brands such as Vanson leather, Biltwell, and Iron & Air.



We caught up with photographer and Brother Moto employee Drew Perlmutter after our visit to see how he came into the moto-cafe business. Originally from South Florida, Drew made his way north, graduating from film school in Orlando, before putting roots down in Atlanta. He bought his first bike, a 1980 CM400 on a whim when he was 19, and fell in love with vintage and older bikes. Now he's riding a '77 CB750.

Last year Drew headed out on a five-week journey across the States on a f650GS to get away from his nine to five grind. With a National Parks pass in tow, he took off across the country, prepared for off-roading and getting dirty. He explored the best the West has to offer: Colorado, California, Utah, Washington... the list goes on.

They say there's no better way to clear your head than to take on 12,000 miles of the US on two wheels.



If you're in Atlanta and you enjoy a fresh cup of Joe or need a creative space to wrench and work,

Brother Moto is certainly the place to be.


Visit them at 670 Memorial Drive SE

Atlanta, GA

& follow their pages below:

IG: @brother_moto

IG: @ drewperlmutter

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