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A Classic Menswear And Vintage Motorcycle Ride For Men's Health - Leesburg V.A. D.G.R. 2023.




where to start: A lot has changed since the last post. These past few years have been a doozy. Somehow they've managed to simultaneously feel accelerated and torpid. Like many of you, I've made major changes in my life. Quit my job as a high school art teacher, sold my bicycles, sold my childhood home, sold my motorcycles (but one), and moved to downtown Denver from Miami. Lived there for two years, worked as a bike tech, bought a few too many bikes, and took part in some epic rides. This was the last gravel ride in Florida and a snow ride at 11k feet in Colorado Both done on my heavily customized 1988 klr 650 turned 70's scrambler - more on that build later. After Colorado, Shannon and I moved back east to northern Virginia to live on a 30-acre horse farm. And here's where this new story begins-- time to get into some vintage bikes and well-dressed folks.

I had planned to have a vintage bike built. I have a 1986 Honda VF700 that needs, everything. But life got in the way and I couldn't have it ready in time. Nevertheless, I pulled out my Ralph Lauren unstructured seersucker suit, paired it with an Italian green silk knit tie, a cotton canvas Panama hat, Salvatore Ferragamo caramel loafers, packed the Nikon Z7, and made my way to the ride.

The morning was cool but not cold, and the sun was shining strong at open throttle. It seemed like the perfect day to be on two wheels. I arrived at the meeting point to find a massive facility hosting a wide array of motorcycles. Triumphs, Royal Enfields, and BMWs gracefully peppered the showroom floor. Not knowing anyone, I made my way towards the back parking lot where the first group of riders

hung out shooting the breeze. Once there, I swiftly began socializing and covered topics ranging from the benefits of seersuckers, the beautiful patina left on boots by the shifter lever, the pain of syncing four individual carbs, and the challenge of running exposed pod filters on your daily ride.

Time flew as the conversations carried on and soon we were being corralled like dapper farm animals into the showroom to get our briefing. Safety was discussed, group leads were introduced, point of rendezvous addressed, and awards were given to the top donees who raised the largest amount of funds towards the awareness for men’s mental health and prostate cancer research. Hats off to Nicholas Forcelli, R. Ouchna, and Jj Cooney for contributing to the collective amassing of $34,662.

After the brief, 166-plus riders got on their steel horses and began to dispatch in waves being led out by what I believe to be a 1970s Volvo P1800. I watched jealously as the last of the riders left the parking lot to embark on their slow but steady parade of classic style and classic bikes all for the betterment of men's health.

Thanks to all the riders who showed up and a big shout out to JJ Cooney and Reda Oucha along with the folks over at Motorcycles of Dulles and the DGR and Movember crew for putting this together. I look forward to sharing more of my adventures as I settle into Virginia country life.

With Father's Day around the corner, I'd like to dedicate this article to my father, Antonio. His love for men's classic style and motorcycles is the reason why I am the way I am. He inspired many and is missed every waking second - Ride In Power pops.


If you'd like to learn more about this global movement, take part in next year's ride, or donate and support the cause please visit the folks at


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